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Instrumentation Singal Cables

Instrumentation Cables are single or multi-pair/triple cables designed to carry signals. They are used for connecting instruments and electrical equipment especially in plants where process control is required, where transducer-generated signals are transmitted through to panels, controllers and other devices.
Instrumentation Cables can be utilized in process plants to connect instrument for communicating with each other. Usually they take their place in industrial plants such as refinery or petrol deposit, steel plants or any manufacturing units. They can be screened, armoured, laid up in pairs, triads, quads etc. They can be insulated in PVC, PE, XLPE, and PVC sheathed.

  • Cables can be customised to meet customer requirements as per various national & international standards.
  • Provides protection from induced voltage and allows to transmit signal at very low voltages to control processes and critical equipment.
Cable Structure
  • Conductor : 99.97% pure electrolyte grade bare / tinned copper
  • Insulation : FR+HR PVC compound with a high insulation resistance value
  • Tapping : Aluminum Mylar tape
  • Braiding conductor : Tinned Copper
  • Outer Sheath color: Blue or Any other Color on specific request can also be supplied
Why our Instrumentation Cables
Manny Cable with its meticulous efforts in maintaining quality, stringent in process control during manufacture and the knowledge of cable designing, is proud to say that it is capable of supplying instrumentation cables meeting any Indian/International standard or a specific requirement desired by project authority.
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